The Apple Orchard – The story of our most English Fruit by Pete Brown

Review of ‘The Apple Orchard – The Story of Our Most English Fruit’. Pete Brown. Published by Particular Books 2016.This is a must read for lovers of Apples and […]

10 March 2017|Cider, General News, Somerset History|0 Comments

Artisan cider makers need to be noticed

 The artisan cider makers need to be noticedAs artisan and craft cider makers – smaller cider makers – we have one major preoccupation in marketing: how to […]

16 February 2017|Cider, General News|0 Comments

Great Taste Awards and a plea for drier ciders

Today I was honoured to again be a judge in the cider classes of the Great Taste Awards. These excellent awards are run by the Guild of Fine Foods and provide a […]

16 April 2015|General News|0 Comments

Yeovil Beer Festival – and cider too

Friday 21st of March and I was surprised and delighted to be asked along to a press photo shoot to help promote the Yeovil Beer Festival, to be held in early Ap […]

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Cider producers at Taste of West

The 4th of February found me in my day job as Head of Marketing for Old Mill accountants and financial advisers, manning our stand at The Source, Taste of the W […]

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Early Doors Cider and ale bar

The first Sunday of February and for an afternoon drink I get the urge to try somewhere different. Although it is a bit of a drive around we go to the Early Doo […]

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What a pub should be

Many visits to pubs are pleasant enough but rather run of the mill. Meeting people you know for a drink and a chat, hopefully some decent beer, perhaps a meal i […]

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